Hi Carl – It looks fantastic!!! We appreciate all the work you guys did… what a difference!! M.D. Big Foot, WI

Great job on our prairies - Thank you!! ~ JL

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!! Your team all did a great job with the burn yesterday, we appreciate your work you do, everything looks great!!!!! The pictures are very cool!!!! ~ CG

I had a blast at the class and really loved the burn.  Your gang did a great job at our house as well.  Thanks ~ TL

Hi Ron & Marti - The farm looks fabulous!  So crazy to see how far we've come since the way it looked to begin with...couldn't have done it without you all.  Thanks for all your help and advice...All our best ~ JM

Dear Ron & Marti - I am pleased with the burn and just want to thank you for helping me.  I know that you made special accommodations to put me on the early burn schedule so that my May apples and Wild Geraniums don't get fried.  It is totally apparent that you conduct your burns with safety first, for the land, crew & owner and that you apply your knowledge and experience to conduct the best burn possible.  I have the utmost confidence in you and appreciate how much you did to make my work over the next several months easier. ~~ M. O.

Ron -- After long thought about what to do with the back of our lot, I'm finally getting a good solution to the problem.  I'm glad I found you on the Rock Cty Land Conservation Dept. sheet.  As a retired teacher, I give Ryan an A+ on his assignment.  You've found a sharp young man to work for you.  Thanks for talking to my grandson, Chase. ~~ P.M.

I believed it was a tall bellflower, but I had not seen any flowers on it. Well, whaddya know, I went out today and found that it now has flowers, just like the picture shows. I like it even better now because of the flowers. I guess I have to just be more patient and wait. It is great to have you to help me identify the plants. And Barb and I are really excited about the backyard and how it looks. Every morning I eat my breakfast out on the sun porch and watch all the birds coming and going. Thanks for all the help! ~ Ed