US Fish and Wildlife Service

Partners for Fish and Wildlife


Through voluntary agreements, US FWS provides expert technical assistance and cost-share incentives directly to private landowners to restore fish and wildlife habitat.


Any privately-owned land is potentially eligible for restoration, including working farms and recreation lands. Most participants are individual private landowners. For purposes of this program, "privately-owned" means land not owned by a State or the Federal Government. Partners may include individual landowners, tribes, organizations, municipalities and corporations.


In the Midwest priorities are to restore wetlands, grasslands, forests and stream corridors. Often combinations of these habitats are restored on a landowner’s property. The focus is on projects that will provide the greatest benefits for

  • Federal trust species (migratory birds, threatened and endangered species, migratory fish)
  • Complementing National Wildlife Refuge System lands
  • Reducing habitat fragmentation
  • Other considerations include: permanently protected lands, lands identified as a conservation priority and cost effectiveness

Funding Amounts

There is not set percentage, amount or limit, but USFWS generally expects a matching contribution by the landowner.