Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Wisconsin Forest Landowner Grant Program (WFLGP)

The WFLGP program assists private landowners in protecting and enhancing their forested lands, prairies and waters. The program allows qualified landowners to be reimbursed up to 50 percent of the eligible cost of eligible practices


Private landowners in Wisconsin are eligible for WFLGP funding if they own at least 10 contiguous acres of non-industrial private forest but not more than 500 acres within Wisconsin.

Successful applicants will receive an award letter from the WFLGP Coordinator indicating that eligible grant work may begin. Costs incurred prior to receiving the award letter are not eligible for WFLGP cost-sharing grant reimbursement.

Applicants must have a forest stewardship plan in place on their land or be applying to have one prepared through the WFLGP program. Landowners granted WFLGP funding can only be cost shared for non-commercial practices. Examples of non-commercial practices include the following activities.

    Priority 1 Practices

  1. Stewardship plan development
  2. Tree planting/regeneration
  3. Forest health and improvement
  4. Soil and water protection and improvement
  5. Priority 2 Practices

  6. Wetland and riparian protection
  7. Wildlife habitat enhancement
  8. Endangered or threatened resources, rare natural community, historic, cultural and archaeological protection, restoration, enhancement and maintenance

Currently there is no funding available for Priority 2 practices.

Contact Local DNR Forester

Patrick Kirsop, Grant Section Chief

What is difference between managed forest law and non-managed forest law stewardship plan? Is there a difference between that and a forest management plan referenced in the Who does the plan?