There are an infinite variety of erosion control techniques that can be employed depending on the situation. They include:

  • Erosion control mat or erosion control blanket
  • Silt fence
  • Straw crimping
  • Prairie sod (a coir matrix pre-planted with prairie plants)
  • Wattles made from straw, coir, or other materials
  • Live staking and facines
  • Polyacrylamide

Midwest Prairies is familiar with all of them and can install, however, we favor biodegradable systems. Certain synthetic systems can create wildlife hazards.

prairie flowers

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I had a blast at the class and really loved the burn. Your gang did a great job at our house as well. Thanks ~ TL

Hi Ron & Marti - The farm looks fabulous! So crazy to see how far we've come since the way it looked to begin with...couldn't have done it without you all. Thanks for all your help and advice...All our best ~ JM