Herbicide applications are essential in the control of invasive species. Alternative methods can be effective but are often costly and time consuming. Our staff are trained and licenses in the proper application of herbicides. We use the most advanced technology and chemicals to ensure that any herbicide applications are done safely and with minimal disturbance to non-target species.

GPS Guided Application

GPS guided application

For large areas of broadcast spraying, we use a heavy duty Kubota ATV with a boomless sprayer. This machine is guided by a GPS unit that ensures we minimize overlap or missed areas.

Hand Spraying

herbicide application by hand

For more selective applications, we use a Solo back pack sprayer.

Glove of Death

This technique involves to use of a cotton glove over a water proof glove. The cotton glove is saturated with herbicide and the applicator grabs the plant and swipes the herbicide onto the plants leaves and stems. This technique works for certain woody plants as well as herbaceous species.

prairie flowers

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I had a blast at the class and really loved the burn. Your gang did a great job at our house as well. Thanks ~ TL

Hi Ron & Marti - The farm looks fabulous! So crazy to see how far we've come since the way it looked to begin with...couldn't have done it without you all. Thanks for all your help and advice...All our best ~ JM