Each native plant has its own survival strategy and the seeds of these individual species need different conditions to germinate. For a detailed explanation of this, see “Resources.” The most important part of any seeding project is soil preparation. However, the obvious methods of soil preparation like rototilling or cultivating may not be the best option. For instance, we have had great success seeding directly into bluegrass or brome grass plantings after burning off the prior years’ duff. At other times, a fall broadcast seeding might work as well or better than trying to drill in uneven terrain.

Midwest Prairies has a no-till seed drill manufactured by Tye. This drill is designed specifically for native species. We also have a “whirly seeder” that allows us to spread seed over large areas efficiently. For small areas we use a variety of techniques to spread seed by hand.

tyedrill no till seed drill
Hank spread seeding
whirly seeder
prairie flowers

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I had a blast at the class and really loved the burn. Your gang did a great job at our house as well. Thanks ~ TL

Hi Ron & Marti - The farm looks fabulous! So crazy to see how far we've come since the way it looked to begin with...couldn't have done it without you all. Thanks for all your help and advice...All our best ~ JM